•  Individual Therapy  

     Demands, expectations, unforeseen challenges, issues from childhood, new transitions... These can all make life very difficult! In individual therapy, we will work together to explore the factors from the past which may influence your current situation and identify maladaptive patterns in your life.

In a relaxed and practical way, we will establish new ways of thinking and coping strategies to help you reach your full potential in order to enjoy life, manage (and hopefully reduce!) stress, and regain control. I have particular interest in issues related to parenting, anxiety, depression, and trauma & loss.  

  • Therapy for Tweens, Adolescents, and Young Adults (College-Aged)

     I have years of experience and expertise in working with children and adolescents grappling with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. Our children are often trying to manage many more stressors than we as parents know. The rate of anxiety among those entering college has dramatically increased in recent years. Tweens, teens, and young adults can benefit from a safe space to process difficult feelings and events. Your child will be assured that what we talk about will "stay in my office" within the limits of confidentiality, which will be explained during our first session.

I utilize a Child-Parent Psychotherapy model (among other strategies) to help parents understand and manage their child's emotions and behavior. I have successfully treated tweens, adolescents, and young adults dealing with Self Injurious Behavior ("cutting"/ "self harm"), relationship issues, anxiety and depression, and those who may have experienced trauma and/or abuse. 

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. 

Accepting Tufts, Blue Cross Blue Shield,

and United Health plans and private pay at this time.

I will be happy to verify your benefits for you

and advise you how to use your HSA

for co-pays and unmet deductibles.